polish purchases: may edition

well. . . . i went a little glitter crazy this month :S. BUT, i managed to not buy any stamping supplies, so i consider that a mild success.

sinful scene stealer, shine on me, crystal clear, elf unnamed flaky

wet 'n wild fastdry caught on sapphire, opi gargantuan green grape, summer brights unnamed green, milani lemongello
milani lemongello ($1.00)- i found a whole rack of milani polishes lurking at dollar tree the other day, and practically pounced on it. i almost hauled, but then restrained myself to my favorite one- lemongello. it's a very pretty yellow glass fleck with lots of gold shimmer. plus the name makes me think of all the lemon gelato I've been eating lately :P. mmmm. . . . haagen-dazs, i love you.
wet 'n wild fastdry caught on sapphire ($1.99)- this lovely aqua glitter is part of wet 'n wild's new limited edition "hot rocks" collection. there are lots of pretty glitters in this collection (click here to see), but the electric pool blue of this one really caught my eye. i think this would look stunning over navy!
elf unnamed flaky ($1.99)- this is also part of a limited-edition collection i saw at cvs (click here to view all the shades). the collection is nameless, as are all of the polishes. boo. i hate unnamed polishes. . . . but i got this one because it's supposed to be another hidden treasure/shine of the times dupe. yes, i already have hidden treasure, but i really really love it, and thought a $1.99 back-up sounded like a wise idea.
summer brights unnamed green ($2.99)- baah, another unnamed shade! i found this at rite-aid this month, and bought it in response to how disappointed i was with gargantuan green grape (see below), and to how crappy of a day i was having. i like this one because it's a sort of neon pastel. how can something be both neon and pastel?? i don't know, but i'm really liking it :P.
sinful scene stealer, shine on me, and crystal clear ($2.99 x3)- since when does sinful colors do fancy silver handles and up their prices by a dollar?? i'd rather have a plain black cap and save my dollar, thank you very much. apparently i wasn't too upset by this price increase, though, because i bought 3 of them :S. what can i say, i'm on a big diamond-shaped glitter kick right now. in retrospect, i probably didn't need to buy the pink one, since it looks a lot like the loose pink glitter i bought from the born pretty store last month (oops). but i'm stoked about the other two!
opi gargantuan green grape ($7.49)- in this case, the last and the least of this month's polishes. not least in cost, but least in excitement. gargantuan green grape has been on my mental wish-list since high school (8 years ago!), when i saw it in a copy of seventeen magazine. it looked like the perfect yellow-toned pale green, which is my favorite color (see my blog background color). other swatches i've seen online since then have only confirmed the fact that this seems to be the perfect shade. so i finally bit the bullet and bought it on ebay, only to find that it looked suspiciously blue-toned and minty. . . . did i get a defective bottle, or are all online swatches untrustworthy?? i guess it's pretty in and of itself, but it was definitely not what i was expecting. sigh.
overall, i'm happy with my mostly glittery haul. and stay tuned, because i have a lovely set of the new pueen stamps on their way to me right now as a birthday gift from my husband :P. yay for free stuff!


  1. That's odd your GGG looked blue-toned. To me, GGG is a very vibrant, almost neon, mint green. I think you could've gotten a bad bottle from an unreliable ebay seller. If you have an ulta near you, they sell the polish in the permanent line and you could compare them!

    1. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. . . . Too bad the closest Ulta is 2 hours away :S. Boo.


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