for some reason, i was scared to use the loose diamond-shaped glitter that i bought last month. . . . i've never fooled around with it before, and just assumed it would be really difficult and frustrating. but actually, it wasn't that bad! just a little time-consuming, but worth it when you see the final result!
2 coats layla coral glam + born pretty store diamond nail art glequins #5

i've been enamored with diamond-shaped glitter ever since i saw this jaw-dropping manicure from sparkly vernis (one of my favorite nail blogs, btw!). i definitely didn't have the patience for a full-nail design, so i tried a half-moon type thing instead. i really really love this turned out! the holo glitter on top of the holo polish was such a mesmerizing effect. and the colors went really well together! this might be my favorite mani i've done yet :P. that's a big claim, huh?

the only thing i didn't absolutely love about this manicure was that some of the glitter fell off! after a couple days of wear, about 5 diamond glitters were missing lol. and that was after i put on a thick top coat! oh well, still an awesome holo and glittery mani :).


  1. Those diamond shaped glitters are something special, huh? Maybe I should get some...

  2. You totally should! Each color is only $2.38 on the Born Pretty Store :P.

  3. Absolutely stunning mani! Love it.

  4. Oh wow, this is sooo pretty!


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