it's my birthday and i'll wear more holo if i want to :P. actually, my birthday was a few days ago, but this is what i was wearing for the big day.

2 coats milani hi-tech (NO top coat!)

you guys, this is one of my favorite polishes ever. hi-tech is a lovely yellow-toned pale green with tons of scattered glittery holo particles. i love these milani holos because of the large, chunky holographic particles. you can see some linear rainbows going on, but i really love the glittery look of the large particles. another thing i love is the pastel colors of the holo rainbows- especially that icy, violet blue. do you see it?? so pretty :).

the only downside about this polish is that when you add a topcoat, it turns into an ugly, chartreuse puke green. it makes it so much darker that the pastel rainbows don't show up anymore. . . . is that not the weirdest thing?? i learned this the hard way once, so this time, i painted 1 coat, then added top coat, then painted my 2nd coat of hi-tech on top. that way, it gave my manicure a little extra staying power, but i still only saw the pretty pale green on top.

overall, this is just an amazing polish- pretty, easy to apply, great holographic effect, and affordable! right now the milani holos are on sale for $3.99 at cherry culture. if you don't own a milani holo, you need one! :)


  1. Wow gorgeous.
    I had no idea topcoats can change the color of holo polishes :o
    Also happy belated birthday! :)

    1. Thanks! I've only noticed it on this particular polish. . . . Weird, huh?

  2. Happy belated birthday! This is a beautiful color for you!


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