have you ever bought a polish solely with one particular manicure in mind? i have to confess that i bought milani cyberspace just for this. . . . glad i liked the outcome, huh?

2 coats milani hi-tech + milani cyberspace on tips (NO topcoat!)

i've been dying to try a holo gradient since i saw this manicure from the holographic hussy. i tried to do my usual gradient method (found here), but cyberspace was so sheer that it barely showed up at all! so i just resorted to painting it on one thin layer at a time. i think i did about 3 layers on each nail, concentrating the most on the tips. want to know the funny thing about this manicure?? cyberspace is actually blue! no really. i guess it was so sheer that over the green, it turned teal. not what i was expecting, but cool nonetheless.

i wore this last week on a quick trip with my husband for our anniversary. like i've said before, my rule is always to wear something holographic on a road trip- it gives you something pretty to look at! and this definitely kept me entertained during the two-and-a-half hour car ride :P.


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    1. Aw, thanks! I'm going to have to do another holo gradient sometime soon :). Too much fun to look at.


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