fig jam

i don't really like figs. or the smell of them. so why did i buy a scented polished named fig jam? because it's pretty~! you guys know i have no willpower where gold shimmer is concerned.

2 coats revlon fig jam

this is, in my opinion, a pretty unique polish. it's sort of a metallic burnt apricot shade with gold shimmer and a little larger gold specks mixed in. super cool! i'm not sure it's the best for my skin tone, but i don't really care :P. look at that subtle gold shimmer! also, i couldn't resist buying it because it was on sale for $3, and because it came from this display-

photo credit: citrine's blog
blaargghh! macarons~! it pretty much had my name plastered to it. funny story: last night i had a dream that i was in a cafeteria (in japan, no less), and i was hunting down some change to buy macarons out of a vending machine. yup. i had just decided on a custard one and a yogurt one when i unfortunately woke up. . . . bummer.

like the display says, this was a limited edition polish, but if you really need it in your life, there are lots available on ebay. (pssst: there's one currently listed for $4.99 with free shipping!)


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    1. Haha, oh yeah! I guess I forgot to mention that. . . . Yes, it does, but it's the most-smelling scented polish I've ever owned. Not cloying at all :P.


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