moroccan figs

one of the main reasons i purchased my cheeky xl b plate was for this stamp- it just looks so intricate and moroccan to me! and stamped over the lovely fig jam from yesterday, i guess i created a moroccan fig mani :P.

 base color: revlon fig jam
white stamping: jordana white
image plate: cheeky xl b

i really love this stamp. i've mentally added this to my "top 10 favorite stamps" list. i'm thinking this imaginary list should become reality, though. i mean, we see lists of bloggers' favorite polishes and even manicures all the time, but no one (to my knowledge) has done a list of favorite stamping images! would anyone want to join me? :P what are some of you guys' favorite images?
i'm really glad i bought the cheeky xl plate. i felt a little ridiculous at the time, buying so many new images at once, but i've already made good use out of it! i've done necklace nails, the magic carpet mani, origami nails, and now moroccan figs! i also have a good peacock-themed, as well as an awesome 4th of july mani in the works :P. seriously, stamping is too much fun.


  1. Ah this one is cute! Glad to hear that it smells nice, I have yet to try scented nail polishes, sounds cool!

    1. Yeah, they're interesting. I don't intentionally buy scented polishes, but if it's a color I really love, I don't mind if it's scented :P.

  2. Very beautiful! I second your "favorite stamping images" list idea :)

    1. Thanks :) I think I'll post my favorites soon!


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