grey-t glitter

i wish i could say that i invented today's beautiful layering combination. but alas, i copied this manicure in its entirety from kimmaye. it was one of those manicures that made my eyes bug out, and i amazingly had all of the polishes she used! so of course, i had to steal her genius idea.

2 coats essence grey-t to be here + 1 coat sally hansen hidden treasure + 1 coat urban outfitters unicorn

i tried my hardest to get a picture of grey-t to be here on its own, but i couldn't get any of the darned pink shimmer to show up. blaarghh. i don't know how other bloggers get the pink shimmer to come out, but on me, it's barely visible to the naked eye. what a shame, too, because it looks so beautiful in the bottle-

so what do you guys think about this one? have you ever stolen a whole mani from someone (while giving them proper credit, of course)?


  1. I once accidentally stole a mani look, not the whole look, but it was pretty close. I didn't even realize it was such a close copy after I saw the original again :p


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