skin tight denim creme

there are several problems with the name of this polish. . . . first of all, "skintight" should all be one word. i'm just saying. second, i'm not sure i want my polish to be skintight. . . . that just puts a disturbing image in my brain. and third, but most importantly, this is not a creme. at all. (click here to read an article about nyc skin tight denim creme on the blog "stupid nail polish names." soooo funny.).

nevertheless, it's a must-have polish. the great thing about this navy blue shimmer (not creme) is that it always looks blue, and when the light hits it, it has a glowy blue center. not black with a navy center like lots of navy shimmers.

nyc skin tight denim creme- 1 coat

2 more characteristics of this polish that make it amazing: first, this is one coat. just one. i love inky one-coaters. second, a bottle of nyc skin tight denim creme will only set you back 99 cents at walmart or target. i know, right?? 

basically, this is a vampy shade that everyone should own. too vampy for summer? maybe. but if you'll come back tomorrow, i'll show you a very summery addition!

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