hidden treasure over magenta

sally hansen complete manicure hidden treasure is a polish that needs no introduction. it came out in 2010 (i think?) as a limited edition collection, and basically started my obsession with nail polish. i remember seeing a photo online of hidden treasure layered over a pastel purple. the flakies looked like opals and i pretty much lost my mind over how gorgeous it was. i didn't really try to hunt a bottle down in all of the drugstore-stalking craziness, because i assumed i would never get my hands on one. wrong. one day i randomly stopped at a walgreen's to get a drink (and peruse the polishes, of course) and spotted it in the clearance section. marked down to $3.99. just insane.

here's hidden treasure layered over yesterday's not-quite-hot-pink manicure:

1 coat sinful fig + 1 coat spoiled club rat + 1 coat sally hansen complete maniure hidden treasure

i'm not quite sure how i feel about hidden treasure over medium shades. in some lights, it looks like glowing orange embers, which i love. but in other lighting (like the last picture of my nails), it looks more like a rainbow trout. i think it's the green flash with the magenta that i'm not so sure about. i may stick to layering it over light or pastel shades, which is awesome because it looks like opals. have you tried this over white yet?? soooo pretty.

ok, so to review, here are the 3 polishes i used for this look:

sinful fig, spoiled club rat, sally hansen complete manicure hidden treasure

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