glass fleck layering

pink is not my thing. it's just not. now sometimes i like really pale ballerina pink, or peachy pink, but mostly i hate pink. especially hot pink.

nevertheless, when cvs was running a 99 cents sale on spoiled polishes a couple of weeks ago, i had to pick up this hot pink glass-fleck shade. mostly because of this swatch that i saw online.

as pretty as club rat is, i wasn't quite ready for hot pink. so i layered it over one of my favorite polishes, sinful fig, a beautiful red-toned purple.

1 coat spoiled club rat over 1 coat sinful fig

aren't the glass flecks gorgeous?? in some lighting, they even flash blue. so pretty! club rat is pretty sheer on its own, so i would try 3 coats, of 2 coats over some sort of underwear polish. here are the 2 polishes i used for this combo:

spoiled club rat and sinful fig

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