weakness wednesday: gold glitter topcoats

gold is my second favorite color, right after pale green (if you haven't noticed). combine that with the fact that i have a inexplicable draw to layering polishes, and you see why i have lots of gold topcoats. today i'm only showing you gold glittery topcoats in a clear base. i have more in a milky white base that will have to wait for another day :P.

love & beauty gold is a very nondescript name, but also a beautiful polish. it has small champagne-colored square-shaped glitter in a clear base.

this sally girl polish is unnamed, but let's agree to call it "gold medallions," ok? great. "gold medallions" is full of small-ish sized yellow gold hexes and little tiny hexes of the same color. this is my 2nd bottle of "gold medallions," and i think my first glittery polish purchase ever. i know.

nyx girls gilded glitter (whew, that's a lot of "g"s) has gorgeous golden flakies in an almost-clear base. the base is a little yellow, so i try to layer this one over medium or bright shades.

i've shown you a picture of petites universe before, but no swatches yet (sorry). when i first spotted it at rite aid (during my crazy $30 haul), i thought it looked like a pretty golden shimmer with gold flakies in it. but when i tested it out at home, the base is super sheer, which makes it more like a gold flaky topcoat. awesome. yes, i already have nyx girls gilded glitter, but universe's base is sheerer, which makes it perfect for layering over those pastel shades that i couldn't with gilded glitter. perfect! and it was just $2!

the last polish in the polish cart used to be sinful all about you, i just put it in an old nyc bottle and mixed in some clear topcoat. all about you makes a pretty flaky layering polish too, but the gold is much darker and warmer than i prefer. it's almost looks rusty. . . . so i haven't used it very much.

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