golden seahorse

i'm on my way to the atlantic ocean tomorrow~! i have swimming on the brain right now, so how about a polish named la splash golden seahorse?

2 coats la splash golden seahorse- sunlight

i really feel like they should have named this golden seafoam instead, because it's a beautiful seafoam foil-y base with tons of irregular, chunky gold glitter. it's really so much sparklier in real life. now don't quote me on this because i've never seen it personally, but it seems very similar to deborah lippmann's mermaid's dream. the seafoam-colored base is the same, but the deborah lippmann has round teal glitter instead of chunky gold. it's definitely the same vibe, don't you think? also, golden seahorse is only $4. wouldn't it be really easy to just add some teal glitter to this to try to emulate a very popular, higher-end polish? maybe that's just me and my bargain-basement tendencies.

on a side note: don't you just love the shape of these bottles? i'm also digging the gold cap. and the font on the bottle. and the fact that's called "nail splash" instead of nail polish. love! all of these la splash polishes have really cute ocean-themed names too, like dolphin smile, ocean sprinkles, starfish kisses, dancing jellyfish. agghhh, so much cuteness, i can't handle it!

like i said, the la splash line goes for $4 on cherry culture. this is the only one i own so far, but i'm going to have to remedy that.

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