golden teal sandwich

this is about as sheer as i go, guys. i have lots of white spots on my nails, and my tips are very opaque. plus i have a lot of staining from all the manicures i do :S. so super sheer jellies are not for me. this look, though, ended up being the perfect amount of opaqueness, while still looking soft and marshmallow-y.

layering order:
2 coats wet 'n wild megalast hush hush
1 coat love & beauty turquoise
1 more coat wet 'n wild megalast hush hush
1 coat colormates nail art opal glitter

i've just decided that wet 'n wild hush hush is the perfect white jelly- both for glitter sandwiches, and for a base color if you use 2 coats. it has a great formula too- long-lasting, not streaky, not too thick or too runny. but (and this is a big but), it's discontinued!! it's part of the old megalast line before they rebottled everything and changed some of the shades :S. sad, sad, kate. does anyone know of another good white jelly with good coverage? it has to be pure white, none of this off-white and cream nonsense. oh yeah, and it must be cheap. anyone? i might just resort to buying a couple of bottles off of ebay. . . .

on a different note, aren't these glitters pretty?? you can buy an exact dupe for the love & beauty one (l.a. girl glitter addict nostalgic) here from cherry culture, and the colormates glitter here from amazon.


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