glistening pacific

a manicure doesn't have to be complicated to be drool-worthy. sometimes you just need a brilliant layering idea, like this one-

1 coat sally hansen xtreme wear pacific blue + 1 coat l.a. colors color craze glistening purple

holy shmonkey, i really like this! when i put the bottles of polish next to each other, i wasn't sure they would go together, but they surprisingly do. would you believe this is my first time breaking out my bottle of glistening purple (the glittery topper)? i should've used it much sooner!

i believe i found glistening purple at dollar tree a couple of years back, but you can also find it at cherry culture (on sale for $1.50!). since we're on the topic of sales, all sally hansen polishes (like my pacific blue base color) are going for 40% off this week at rite aid! that's a great deal. get yourself to a rite aid! i'm gonna get myself to bed, though. happy shopping!


  1. Looks awesome, I swear you have the nicest nails in the world, they look so perfect it's unreal, and your cuticles :O it's like they are eternally drenched in moisture!

    1. Haha thanks! They're not perfect, but I try :).


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