save the silver stamping

well, i tried to redeem the world's dullest silver foil by adding some cool stamping on top. i'm not sure it made up for all of silvivor's deficiencies, though. . . .

 base color: 2 coats wet 'n wild fastdry silvivor
image plate: pueen 49 (R image)

oh, did i forget to mention that this is my first time using my new pueen plates?? whoops. . . . my lovely husband bought them for me for my birthday in may, even though he hates the smell of nail polish and always says "hmmmph" when i ask him how my nails look. thanks, honey :). this new set of plates from pueen is amazing. i wish i were talented enough to photograph all of them for you, but alas, i am not. so click over here to colores de carol's blog to see a detailed picture of each. you might just end up buying them :).

overall, i really like the stamping image, but can't stand the base color. oh well, i have another pueen stamping manicure planned for next week! i promise it will be more aesthetically-pleasing :).


  1. I think it looks awesome. Also very few guys can fully appreciate a good manicure :/ but it's sweet he got you stamping plates despite not loving the smell of nail polish ^^

    1. Thanks, friend :). Yeah, I'm glad he at least lets me do my own thing. I pretty much give him the same reaction when he talks about video games lol.


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