save the date

here's another untried polish that i should've worn months ago. it's just stunning.

2 coats sally hansen diamond strength save the date

is this not the most gorgeous vampy polish you've ever seen?? i love the hidden shimmer. when the light hits it just right (1st pic), it just lights up in the most beautiful way. in my opinion, save the date is just pure sexiness. maybe i should've saved this for next week for valentine's day :P.

as you can see, this is the old bottle for the diamond strength line. i bought this when they redid the whole line, and the old ones were on clearance. this was just the inkiest, vampiest, maroon-purple shimmer and i had to buy it. especially since it was cheap :P. don't worry, the new diamond strength line has this shade, too. i suggest you pick this one up! sally hansen diamond strength polishes usually run from $3.99-$4.99, depending on where you buy them.


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