nuclear energy

i have a cheap-but-fabulous purple creme to show you today. those are my favorite kinds of polishes, by the way. the cheap-but-fabulous variety :).

2 coats l.a. colors color craze nuclear energy

this is an interesting purple. . . . it definitely gets more complex the more i wear it. at first i thought it was just a perfect neutral purple- not too red, not too blue. but then i noticed that in certain lighting, it looked almost neon (see 2nd pic). maybe that's why it's called nuclear energy? or why it was a little tricky to work with? it was a thin formula, but strangely draggy. weird. but i still like the color!

i've had this polish in my stash for a couple of years now. and if i remember right, i bought it at dollar tree for. . .  you guessed it, a dollar. score! have you tried these l.a. colors before? they have several interesting and unique glitters too. and seriously. . . . a dollar! if you don't have a dollar tree near you, they're also available at cherry culture.

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