YOU GUYS, i did the awesome-st thing yesterday. this is only semi-related to nail polish, but bear with me.

there's currently a 40% off sale on revlon this week at rite aid, so i totally took advantage of it. i bought my favorite colorstay foundation (normally $12.99), with the 40% discount, $2 in store credit, and a $2 off coupon. . . . the total cost was $5.79~! can you believe it?? with more coupons, i picked up a lipstick for $3.79 and a polish (see, polish related) for $2.29! aghhh, i'm so impressed with myself i can't help it. just kidding :P.

anyways, back to the polish on my fingertips.

2 coats l.a. colors color craze nuclear energy + 1 coat zoya chloe

i really did try to find a more interesting combination than chloe with medium purple (because that's a combo everyone does), but this was honestly the best! just so pretty. i guess there's a reason everyone does it, huh? :P

as you can see, chloe has mostly pinkish-orange flakies and a few green ones thrown together in an almost-clear pink base. now i didn't know this until i actually applied it, but the pink/orange flakies have a rainbow color shift, kind of like sally hansen hidden treasure. the shift isn't as strong, though, and only happens in dim lighting. i actually prefer this one to hidden treasure-type flaky polishes, because i really love the salmon color. it's really unique, and just plain pretty!


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