polish purchases: july edition

this month, i got a lot of polish steals, and one big splurge (but i stayed within my $25 budget!).

lush lacquer clowning around, salon perfect kaboom, finger paints owlin' at the moon, wet 'n wild fastdry the gold and the beautiful, nyc fashion safari

nyc fashion safari ($1.00)- first of all, how cute is that name? it's like the only nyc polish that doesn't have a misleading title (skin tight denim creme, anyone?). nyc had a bogo free sale two weeks ago at rite aid, so i stocked up on my favorite mascara, top coat, and decided to try something new. i have lots of off-white cremes, but not really a fleshy, mannequin hands shade. this one looks really creamy and pretty.

lucky electronics nail art brushes ($1.05)- can you believe that until today (when they arrived in the mail), i had no nail art brushes at all in my collection? me neither. i didn't really want to invest in an expensive set, since i have no idea how good i'll be at freehanding stuff (my guess is pretty sucky), so this dirt-cheap set seemed like a good idea. i have the perfect manicure in mind for them coming up this week!

finger paints owlin' at the moon ($1.15)- this is also my first finger paints. i saw it on sale at sally's this month for $2.29, and decided i needed green metallic flakies in my life (who doesn't, really?). but when i got to the register, the cashier informed me that since it was sally's red tag beauty event, everything on sale was half off of the marked price. what?? thus the incredible steal at $1.15.

wet 'n wild fastdry the bold and the beautiful ($1.39)- last week, rite aid was running a 30% off sale on wet 'n wild, and this warm gold flaky caught my eye. i remembered seeing swatches of it on strong nails (see them here), and couldn't wait to try different layering combos myself.

set of 5 dotting tools ($1.67)- i'm starting to sound like a broken record, but until i bought these dotting tools, i only had one tiny-sized dotter in my stash. i've been using the ends of bobby pins (among other things) for all my other dotticures. this seemed like an appropriate time to actually get some different sizes so my dots look neater and more uniform. 

salon perfect kaboom ($3.98)- after stalking the two nearest walmarts, i finally found this polish- but only this shade. i really wanted the orange one too, but my searching was to no avail :(. maybe it'll pop up someday (my walmart is slow and weird), but i'm not keeping my hopes up. i know i already own flipping out hard, but i feel justified in buying kaboom because the shades are quite different. plus, it's such an in-demand polish for so cheap! win.

lush lacquer clowning around ($9 + $3.25 s/h)- ah yes, this month's splurge. i've been wanting this neon matte glitter for months, and decided that in my huge, pregnant and uncomfortable state, i deserved it :P. pretty good reasoning, huh? i can't wait to try this over a bright green. . . . or lavender. . . . or yellow!


i'm quite happy with everything i purchased this month. i got some interesting cheap shades, some new nail art supplies, and one gorgeous neon glitter indie polish!


  1. I actually have been eyeing the lush lacquer one for a few days now, too bad they don't ship to Canada!


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