fuchsia glamour

the first thing you might notice about this polish is that it definitely isn't fuchsia. . . . but it is glamourous.

2 coats nyc fuchsia glamour over 1 coat sinful easy going

i'm calling this one fuchsia glamour because that's how it's labeled on my bottle, but i've seen this in stores recently with the label pink champagne, which makes a lot more sense. if i'm right, fuchsia glamour is a misprinting. but either way, i really love this sheer pink! which is weird because i usually hate pink, especially hot pink. but i love this soft, ballerina peachy-pink. plus, it's packed with beautiful gold shimmer that almost looks like gold flakies. lo~ve.

trust me, the gold shimmer is very obvious and eye-catching in real life. i had a hard time capturing it on camera though :S. clearly, this polish is very sheer (and i don't do sheer), so i layered 2 coats over 1 coat of sinful easy going, which ended up being the perfect base color. come back tomorrow to see how i jazzed this manicure up for my baby showers!


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