baby showers #2 and #3

it turned out that i had 2 baby showers back-to-back last week- one on saturday and one on sunday! it was one whirlwind of a weekend. i've finished writing thank-you notes for saturday's shower, and my goal for today is to get the rest done. . . . yeah, right.

base color: 2 coats nyc fuchsia glamour over 1 coat sinful easy going
gold stamping: maybelline color show metallics bold gold
image plate: pueen 33 (top image)

i guess i'm stuck in a stamping pattern- whenever a polish has gold shimmer, i feel i just have to stamp over if with bold gold. not very innovative, but still pretty :). i thought this cherry blossom image was sweet enough for a baby shower (plus i'm partial to anything with cherry blossoms on it because of my japanese background). 

on a side note, do you notice anything weird about the picture above? look at the gold polish- it's labeled "holographic". . . . what the? i picked up a new bottle of bold gold because i already used up my old one for stamping, and this time, it has a different label. i've looked at this new one from every angle, and believe me, there is no hint of holo anywhere. it's exactly the same as the bottle labeled "color show metallics." why maybelline decided to falsely relabel it, i'll never know. . . .

well, better go get cracking on those thank-you notes! enjoy your thursday :).


  1. Looks very ornate, and yea that gold is more metallic than holographic :/

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I don't know what nail polish companies are thinking these days. If they would just ask us first :P.


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