31DC2012 DAY 5: blue nails

i had the longest day at work today, complete with a headache and cramps, so when i got home, the first thing i wanted to do was put glitter all over my fingernails!

1 coat nicole by opi a million sparkles over 1 coat artificial sea spray franken

this is the first bar glitter polish i've ever thought appealing enough to actually purchase. and i think i like it! a million sparkles (which is a fitting name, by the way) is made up of turquoise specks of glitter and bar glitter, rose-colored holographic bar glitter, and round gold glitter, which you can see in this close-up-

pretty strange and random, huh? but i think it works. the chunky gold glitter is what sold me (big surprise).


  1. I'm usually not into bar glitters, but this one is cool!

    1. Yeah, that's pretty much what I think. Every other bar glitter polish I've seen made me want to gag :P I don't know why, but I couldn't help myself with this one.


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