31DC2012 DAY 6: violet nails

i'm not sure if this color is actually violet or not. actually, i'm not sure if i even know what violet is or not. i mean, i know it's a kind of purple, but i keep reading different things online- some say it's red-toned purple, and some say it's blue-toned. well whatever it is, this is a very pretty (blue-toned) purple polish-

2 coats spoiled are mermaids real?

whoa, so much gold shimmer! there's nothing subtle about this shimmer. i really like it though (of course i do, i like anything with gold shimmer). although i keep looking at it and wishing it were more red-toned. like a cross between are mermaids real? and zoya faye. hmmm. . . . maybe i should make one!

did i mention that this is a $1.99 polish available at cvs?? i think i might start working on a post- "the most beautiful polishes under $2." this would definitely be on the list.

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