french white creme

remember a couple of years ago when white nails were the thing? like every celebrity and their pet poodle had a white manicure? well, i was doing a white base color for a stamping mani, and was suddenly transported back to the year 2009 when i looked at my nails. that was the year i discovered blogs (and consequently became addicted to them), so i thought i would pause for a moment and pay homage to 2009-

2 coats wet 'n wild wild shine french white creme

yes, i know this isn't a very exciting manicure to post, but i thought it might be useful information for someone who wants an easy-to-apply white polish. wet 'n wild wild shine french white creme is pretty much the cheapest polish you can buy (99 cents at drugstores, sometimes on sale for 69 cents!), but it's a really good one. it flows very smoothly, isn't streaky if you do semi-thick coats, and most of all- the shine. look at the photo above. i have no top coat on in this picture, but look how shiny it is! and smooth and opaque in just 2 coats! this is a win, if you ask me. a cheap win.

on a different note: i have huge chunk of my index fingernail missing. it broke while i was trying to open the advil bottle (a sign that i need to lay off the pain meds), and i really didn't want to chop all of my nails off. so i filed the nail some, then applied some old top coat that was getting really thick and gooey to the chunk that was missing, and it filled it in. after i put a layer of base coat over it, it was smooth and looked pretty normal. i'm kiiinda impressed with myself :P. take a look at the pics in this post. can you tell that my index finger underwent surgery?? i think not.

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