31DC2012 DAY 7: black & white

as soon as i read the words "black and white", i knew i wanted to try sheet music nails again (i am a music teacher, after all). my first attempt was pitiful at best, so i was happy for an excuse at a redo-

2 coats wet 'n wild wild shine french white creme stamped with konad plate m73 (with wet 'n wild wild shine black creme)

what do you think? not perfect, but sooo much better than my first try. for one, i don't have any smudging going on. my problem this time was lining up the stamp exactly straight. my ring finger is definitely crooked, but by the time i had finished doing all this, i was scraping the bottom of the barrel of my black creme. it was too late to go out and buy another one, so i'm just living with a crooked image. oh, well.

these are pretty much the cheapest polishes you can buy lol. but hey, i'm not discriminating, because they're great polishes and can be used to create awesome things!

wanna know what else is black and white? my very cute (but very strange) cat snickerdoodle-

snickerdoodle looking pretty

sorry for the gratuitous cat shot, but what's a nail polish blog without a cute kitty?? you're welcome :P.

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