if it ain't baroque. . . .

i'm dedicating this post to my little music students. well not really, because my students don't read this (i hope). but if they did, they would get a kick out of this polish's name- spoiled i'm ba-roque. we just studied baroque music, and hopefully they still remember what it is. . . .

2 coats spoiled i'm ba-roque

most color-accurate

not color-accurate, but see how shiny and sparkly it is?

i bought i'm ba-roque as a replacement for wet 'n wild craze shield, which is now discontinued. click here to see how similar they are. i did 2 coats, which made it mostly opaque. 3 probably would've been better, though.

not much else to say about this one. . . . except that this is another gorgeous polish for less than $2!

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