weakness wednesday: top 10 sinfuls

G from nouveau cheap posted her top 10 sinful polishes a couple of days ago, since sinfuls are on sale for 99 cents at walgreens this week. i thought it was a fabulous idea, and decided to follow suit.

sinful colors- zeus, st. lucia blue sea, cinderella, mint apple, nail junkie

sinful colors- green ocean, fig, pinky glitter, social ladder, snow me white

i have many more in my stash, but these are just my top 10. all but 3 (green ocean, st. lucia blue sea, and zeus) are available at walgreens (for cheap this week!). wanna see how i rate them in order?

#1- fig
#3- zeus
#6- pinky glitter
#7- nail junkie
#8- mint apple
#9- social ladder
#10- snow me white (perfect white for stamping!)


  1. I just ordered a bunch of Sinful Colors from Walgreens online, including several that are on your list. But now with all this stolen blogger pictures drama I am torn. I was excited about my order, but now I feel like I can't support a company who would do this, and then call it an accident when they got caught! :(

    1. I know how you feel.... Sinful Colors is one of my favorite brands and have some amazing shades, so now I'm disappointed about all this photo-stealing drama. I haven't decided if I want to stop buying from them or not yet.... :S

  2. I decided to forgive them - this time! I love their colors. My new faves are Leap Flog and Rainstorm, and Zeus is a fave, too.

    1. Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm doing. I just love their shades too much to boycott them! :P

      I just bought Gorgeous (just today!) and I LOVE it. I may have to update my top 10 Sinful list. . . .


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