cheesy sparkle

remember my velveeta-esque nails from yesterday? well i turned them into glitter bombs.

1 coat nyc big city dazzle over 2 coats sinful pull over

nyc big city dazzle is a glitter top coat i just picked up recently. i kept passing it by in the store because in the bottle, it looks like a jumbled-up mess. but on the nail, it's pretty darn awesome. i love how 1 coat gives you the perfect amount of glitter- not too dense, not too sparse. big city dazzle contains small red, blue, and fuchsia glitter in a clear base. what makes it amazing are the tiniest specks of gold holographic glitter. they're so miniscule you can barely see them, but i love the effect they give.

but wait, there's more:

1 coat wet 'n wild fastdry party of five glitters over 1 coat nyc big city dazzle over 2 coats sinful pull over

surprisingly, i love this! it looks like one of the indie crazy glitters that are selling like hotcakes right now. i love the depth from the tiny glitters in big city dazzle and the combination with the chunky glitter in party of five glitters. so fun!

sinful pull over, nyc big city dazzle, wet 'n wild fastdry party of five glitters

the best part is that a glitter bomb like this will only set you back less than $6 (about $2 per polish). cool, right?


  1. What about adding a thin coat of Pull Over on top of the glitter, then you'd have a jelly glitter sandwich! I LOVE glitter sandwiches lately, I've found I can replicate a lot of glitter indies myself which kills the lemmings and spares my wallet :)

    1. Ooo, good idea! I just removed it like 10 minutes ago tho :(. Haha oops.

      I totally agree about the glitter indies. I like looking at swatches of them for inspiration, then trying to do something similar with polishes I already own. It's more fun that way :P.


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