pull over

how about something out of the ordinary (for me) today? it seems like all i ever wear is 5 shades- green, blue, purple, gold, and peach. while i love all of those colors, i think it's good to mix it up every once in a while.

2 coats sinful pull over

most color-accurate

sinful pull over is a shade i picked up recently at walgreens in a new display that reminds me of. . . . velveeta. or duck bills, especially in that last photo. it's a very orange-leaning yellow jelly. i normally don't like jellies, but this one is opaque in 2 careful coats. all of these pics were taken before i applied a top coat, and i love how shiny it is!

an orange-leaning yellow is pretty unusual for me, but i think i like it. i'll show you some layering tomorrow that makes it look less reminiscent of duck bills!

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