poor woman's indian ocean

well, i'm at home sick today, lying on the couch like a worthless sack of potatoes. since i can't make myself do anything productive, why not add some layers of sparkle to my current mani?

2 coats sally hansen diamond strength aisle be there over 2 coats sinful st. lucia blue sea over 1 coat pale gray

i was trying to replicate the look of model's own indian ocean, which is totally drool-worthy. i think it's close, but not spot-on. indian ocean has darker fuchsia-colored shimmer and aisle be there that i used is a lighter pink shimmer. but still, close enough to keep me from impulsively buying indian ocean online for too much money. click here to compare for yourself. 

sally hansen diamond strength aisle be there

aisle be there is one of my favorite layering polishes. it contains tiny speckly flakies that flash between pink and gold. you can also see it here in my very first post.


  1. looks pretty col. I love laying. You never know what you'll get:) Hope you feel better soon.


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