lemon gradient

at first i thought my nails looked like fire. then peaches. then a tequila sunrise. but my brother, sisters, and husband unanimously agreed they look like candy corn. . . . which is not what i was intending, especially in july :P. but whatever.

2 coats milani lemongello over 2 coats revlon buttercup with wet 'n wild fastdry waves of enchantment gradient

very bright and summery, huh? not at all reminiscent of halloween :P (at least in my opinion). i really loved how the shimmer in lemongello and the glass fleck goodness of waves of enchantment worked together. so bright, shiny, and happy! and i can use some extra cheer right now.

again, i used this method to achieve my gradient. pretty darn easy. check out my other gradients- holo gradient, purple glitter gradient, sunset gradient, and my favorite, my whimsical periwinkle gradient. enjoy! :)


  1. I always love seeing a pretty gradient. And to me it looks more like Tequila Sunrise than Candy Corn ;)

  2. I like peaches. Let's go with peaches.

  3. Ooooh love it, I am thinking of doing a similar look using textured polish!

  4. Lovely notd! I love the gradient effect.. Recently started loving nail art and you have a lovely blog (:

    1. Aw, thanks so much! And thanks for following :).


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