my little buttercup. . . .

. . . . is the name of this lovely pastel polish. actually, the name is just buttercup, but it always makes me think of the song "my little buttercup" from the three amigos. please tell me i'm not the only one who stinkin' loves that movie!

2 coats revlon colorstay buttercup- most color-accurate

this is 2 coat pretty-darn-thick coats. if applied too thinly, this polish will definitely streak and drag. but 2 thick coats (with lots of wait time between the coats), and a heavy helping of top coat seem to work just fine. 

 this yellow seems to dry darker and brighter on me than in the bottle. i was hoping for a paler cream color, but it's definitely yellow on my nails. and stark, too. i'm not loving the glaring starkness of it. but oh well, at least it's opaque, right?


  1. Lovely colour))) and the shape of your nails is perfection!

  2. This color is so peaceful and lovely.

    1. Thanks! Maybe a little too Easter-y for September, huh? :P


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