well apparently i'm on a neon kick right now. i kind of thought this yellow would be a bit more delicate and demure, but it turned out bright on me. oh well, summer is the time for brights, right?

2 coats milani lemongello over 2 coats revlon buttercup

like i said when i first attained this polish, i pretty much bought it for the name. i've been eating this gelato like crazy since i've been pregnant, and boy is it good. i couldn't resist a polish named after a delicious sugary food :P. but even if this milani didn't make me hungry, i probably would've bought lemongello for the gorgeous shimmer anyway. i mean, just look at this beautiful golden glow-

unfortunately, like most yellow shimmers, this is incredibly sheer. so i had to layer it over a pale yellow creme. i think that's what made it so bright on me. that's ok, though, because it's good to break out of your own box sometimes, right? i mean, i can't wear pastels all the time!


  1. It's beautiful on you. Yup, I bought this too and was a bit sad to realize it would have to be layered over something. Good thing it looks fabulous layered!

    1. Aw, thanks! Yeah, bummer, since it's so lovely and glowy in the bottle. . . . I bet you'll find something amazing to layer it over like you always do :).


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