electric layering

what do i do with a polish that's too blue-toned? layer a bright green jelly on top!

2 coats opi gargantuan green grape + 1 coat nina ultra pro electric slide

i liked my nina ultra pro polish from last week so much that i decided to bust out my other one! electric slide is a bright neon green jelly with lots of iridescent glitter. the pretty glitter is what convinced me i needed it :). it's so sheer that you pretty much have to layer it over something (unless actually you want your nails to look stained and infected :P). but over a similar green, the neon was just too much for my poor eyes to take. so gargantuan green grape was the perfect base color.

i'm not sure what else i could use electric slide for. . . . but i liked the unusual effect over a mint creme!


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