purple prism

here's my favorite creation from my recent franken mania. i present to you purple prism, as suggested by the lovely karen from frazzle and aniploish :).

3 coats purple prism franken

for months, i've been lusting after purple jelly polishes with purple and holo glitter, like candeo colors orchid, lacquerlicious strawberry cosmo, and elixir lacquer with a k. but most indie polishes are a bit too expensive for me, especially when i only wear a polish once or twice :(. sad, but true. so i had the genius idea- why don't i try to make one myself with polishes i already own?? jelly polishes with glitter are pretty much the easiest frankens to make (in my opinion). so this is what i came up with, after lots of pouring, mixing, shaking, and testing-

i used a bazillion different polishes to get my final result. here are all the glitters-

born pretty store diamond nail art glequins #1, wet 'n wild wild shine kaleidoscope, l.a. colors color craze glitter bomb and glistening purple, maybelline color show sequins rose bling

and here are all the cremes i used to get the perfect purple shade-

l.a. colors color craze nuclear energy, julie g peep toe pumps, sinful dream on

whew, that was quite a list of polishes. but they combined into exactly what i wanted, which makes me happy. and i didn't have to drop $10 or more plus shipping to get it! my mother would be so proud lol.



  1. Amazing job, do you get steel balls to help the polish mix?

    1. Thanks, Jasmine! No, I don't own any. I just shook the crap out of it :P.

    2. You can get steel balls cheap at outdoor supply stores (like Cabela's) in the gun section. Look for steel BB's where air soft ammo is kept. (DO NOT use plastic air soft pellets! They melt in polish.) I got a jar of 2400 for about $6.

    3. Whoa, awesome! Good to know.

  2. Awesome polish! Looks soooo pretty!!


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