franken mania

apparently stamping mania wasn't enough. now franken mania has struck me too. i was up late (again) last week, my brain going a million miles an hour, and i started looking through a folder on my computer called "to franken." i had several empty bottles of top coat, so i decided to concoct a bunch of them. . . . after midnight, no less. this is what happened-

i'm not sure about all the names yet, but i do know that i'll be showing you the purple one tomorrow! i'm thinking purple potion. . . . any better ideas?


  1. Pretty! Is it a jelly type finish?

  2. oooh purple potion looks goood, can't wait to see some swatches!

  3. I always look at pictures before I read the words, so my brain was all "what? NYC does glitters like this now? where? when? how can I get them?!" I'd probably go with something like Purple Prism for first one, as I've got four Purple Potions in my stash and think you need a more special name for your creation. :)

    1. Hehe I wish they did glitters like that! Ooh, Purple Prism is a good one, considering the diamond-shaped glitter. Thanks! :)


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