4th of july nails

i'm not exactly what you would call a patriot (i've spent most of my life in japan), but i felt like doing a red, white, and blue manicure this year. or maybe i just wanted another excuse to bust out the old stamping :P.

 base color: wet 'n wild wild shine french white creme
red dots: wet 'n wild wild shine red red 
navy stamping: maybelline color show metallics navy narcissist
image plate: cheeky xl b (3rd image, 2nd row)

again, not perfect, but i'm pretty happy with it. i stamped the navy part, then filled in some red dots with dotting tools. my sister said it looked very bandana, paisley-esque, which i guess couldn't be more american, right? :P.

oops, sorry about the old, crappy bottles!

today was a good day. i had some friends over and we watched a couple star wars episodes with rifftrax (love that stuff!). but the best part was the food- we at some delicious broccoli cheddar soup, sandwiches, chip dip that looked like the american flag, and of course, macarons!

they were red (and blue) velvet with cream cheese frosting :). and now they're all gone because they were too good lol. i hope you had a good day off (if you're american) and that you have something pretty on your nails! 


  1. oh wow this one looks amazing, you are a genius with stamping!

  2. It looks like little fireworks to me! Perfect fourth of July nails. The macaroons look delish.

    1. Thanks so much! They were lol, but now they're all gone :P.


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