polish purchases: june edition

everything i bought this month was totally unplanned. . . . as in nothing was on my wish list lol. but i'm really happy for spontaneous purchases, because i love everything i bought!

maybelline color show metallics amethyst ablaze and blue blowout, fing'rs heart 2 art in mint condition

nabi hologram nail lacquer in purple, sky blue, and green

born pretty store plate m66 ($0.99)- can you believe this plate was just 99 cents?? i really love the cherry blossoms and the bamboo plant, and can't wait to do a japanese mani! this plate had my name written all over it :).

born pretty store plates qa10, qa 50, and qa59 ($1.99)- these plates were also on sale, so i went a little bit crazy. i'm geeking out over the middle swirly image in qa10, the adorable mirrors in qa50, and the henna-inspired patterns in qa59. my head is spinning with all the new mani possibilities!

fing'rs heart 2 art in mint condition ($1.68)- i found this just a couple days ago at walmart and snatched it up immediately. a deborah lippmann dupe inspired by mermaids for less than $2?? there's just no question. this was the only fing'rs polish in the display that caught my eye, but i might have to go back and look for more. . . .

maybelline color show metallics amethyst ablaze and blue blowout ($2.09 each)- these were both on sale during the cvs clearance last month, and i thought i'd give them a try for stamping, since i've had such good results with bold gold and navy narcissist. i'm excited to try them out!

nabi hologram nail lacquer purple, sky blue, and green ($12.95 for 3)- you guys, have you seen swatches of the new nabi holos?? check these out on the holo queen and tell me you're not drooling. i got mine from a seller on ebay with free shipping, which i thought was a pretty good deal. but you can also get them on amazon for $4.10 each (+ $1.35 shipping). my polishes are still in the mail, but i can't wait to see them in person!


so i barely surpassed my $25 budget, but i'm not gonna worry about a mere 77 cents :P. especially since for $25, i got 4 awesome stamping plates, 3 gorgeous holos, 2 metallic polishes for stamping, and 1 dupe for an $18 polish. not bad, right??


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