peep toe pumps

plum and berry cremes always turn darker on me. much, much darker. look at this pic for proof. in the bottle, manhattan looked like a lovely medium plum. on me, vamp city. but i will not be outdone by a silly creme polish. one day i thought, "hmmm, maybe if i pick a shade lighter than what i want, it will dry to the perfect hue." and it worked!

1 coat julie g peep toe pumps

i was feeling much too lazy to add a second coat, which would've probably made it darker and more vibrant. but i like the look with just 1 too. it's like a creme-jelly finish. very shiny. and not streaky at all! sweet.

oh yeah, and my pinky finger is back. the nail's still a lot shorter than the rest, but i can't bear to trim down the other ones :P. the good news is that my nails grow super fast now that i'm pregnant, so i'm sure it will be back to normal in no time.

i've now tried 2 julie g polishes, and i like them both! and i really like the square bottles (why, i'm not sure. i just do). you can pick this one up (and a slew of new, gorgeous shades) at rite aid for $3.99.

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