jasmine inspired

i'm sure you've all seen pictures of the princess jasmine compact mirror by sephora. sooo pretty. but unfortunately, i wasn't able to get in on that one before they sold out. so instead, i thought i'd use the compact as color inspiration for my nailz~.

 base color: 2 coats sally hansen xtreme wear golden-i
magenta dots: julie g peep toe pumps

lest you think i'm a creative genius (because i'm not), i stole this design from the polish you pretty blog. such a great design concept! i love discovering new ways to use dotting in a manicure. pretty darn foolproof :P.

well, i still don't have the beautiful princess jasmine compact, but this manicure is a pretty nice consolation prize. i really love the way it turned out. plus, i think purple and gold is always a winning combination :).


  1. hehehe at first I was like OMG IT"S INSPIRED BY ME LOL, but then I realized you meant princess jasmine
    I wish I got the eye shadow palette, but the ariel collection is coming out soon!

    1. LOL oh no! Next time I'll do one inspired by you :). What's your favorite color?

      I know, I'm SO psyched for the Ariel collection. She's my favorite :).


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