water street blue

today's shade is in honor of the ugly maternity swimsuit i bought last week (actually, it's not that ugly, but not exactly high-fashion either :P). i finally got to go swimming last week, and it was glorious. it's just been so hot and humid that i didn't even care that i looked like a beached whale. so i picked this color, which looks like swimming pool blue to me-

2 coats nyc water street blue

my camera had a hard time with this shade. . . . it's a little darker than it looks like in these pics. but still very pretty and shiny! (also, it's $1.72 at walmart, so you know, there's that). the only complaint i have is that this color stains like a mug. i had the hardest time getting blue off of my cuticles. . . . yuck. 

well, it's another hot day in good old nash-vegas, so it might be time to hit the pool again. and by that i mean wade around in the shallow end, since actual swimming is quite a feat these days. happy friday~!


  1. I love this kind of blue, man you have such nice nails!

    1. Aw, thanks! It's just the pregnancy that's making them extra long and strong :P.


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