tazmanian blue

do you ever buy a layering polish knowing exactly which polish goes with it? i knew ever since i bought tazmanian devil about 2 years ago that it went with the bright pool blue from yesterday. a little weird, right? just call me the polish matchmaker because i knew they'd be perfect for each other :P.

2 coats nyc water street blue + 1 coat confetti tazmanian devil

how the heck do i describe this glittery topper. . . ? it contains silver, orange, yellow, pink, green, and light blue hexes in a variety of sizes, along with tiny tiny holographic glitter dust, which i think makes it unique among the many rainbow glitter polishes. do you see the tiny holo specks? kind of reminds me of this polish from my "cheesy sparkle" mani.

this is actually the only confetti polish i own, which is unfortunate, since they're only $1.99 at cvs! any others worth looking into? overall, i think tazmanian devil is a beautiful rainbow glitter that's very deserving of a spot on my under $2 favorites list.


  1. Omg Love love love, I need to get my hands on that topcoat!!

    1. Yay, glad you like it! It should be available at any CVS.


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