franken cents

it's franken time again (not to be confused with hammer time)! i'm rather proud of the name i gave this polish. it's explain why it's called franken cents in just a sec. but first, pictures-

2 coats franken cents franken

this polish is actually photographing lighter than it looks in reality. in real life, it's a darker, antique gold color which i love. the bottle shot does a slightly better job of capturing that-

you might be thinking, "hey, you already made a gold holo franken." yes, i did (champagne supernova, to jog your memory). but it's a lot light, brighter, and more yellow-toned. i like this one a lot more :).

ok, so the reason i called it franken cents. . . . i used revlon copper penny (along with milani hd) so it was a franken that used cents. aaand it's a pun on the word frankincense. get it?? ok, never mind. i'm tired.


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