champagne supernova

you guys, i am in love. i made the perfect champagne holo. i'm pretty darn proud of myself. i'm also feeling a little sheepish for not thinking of this sooner!

this is another one of those goldilocks moments- milani hd (the silver holo) is too cool, and milani 3d (the gold one) is waaay too warm and nasty. but i love the large rainbow-like holo particles in both of them. so duh, i combined them. i call it champagne supernova (emphasis on the super :P)

2 coats champagne supernova franken

is this not amazing?? it's not an in-your-face linear holo, but that's what i like about it. i love the chunky rainbow particles that look so glittery in full sunlight. seriously, you have to try this combo for yourself. that is, if you like champagne as much as i do (the color, not the alcoholic beverage. blegh).

milani 3d + milani hd = super freakin awesome champagne supernova franken

so what do you think? i totally love it. i like it much more than rainbow's end, which was way sheerer and harder to apply (oh yeah, and expensive and discontinued to boot). in fact, i like this so much that i'm halfway tempted to add it to my top 10, but i'm afraid that sounds too cocky :P.


  1. Replies
    1. Aw, thanks! This is exactly what I've been wanting for a long time. . . . I just didn't know I had to make it myself! :P

  2. I love this! What a nice color. I'll have to see if I can duplicate this too...

    1. Thanks! :) It was pretty easy- I started with the gold and then added silver until it looked how I wanted.


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