31DC2012 DAY 13: animal print

so i kind of cheated on this one. not cheated, stretched maybe? the challenge says animal print, but i really truly despise anything with animal print. leopard, giraffe, cheetah, cow, i loathe it all (i'm really sorry if animal print is your jam, it's just so not mine). hence the *ahem* cheating.

here's what i did- i made a leaf pattern, with a cameo appearance by an animal. so together it combines to make animal print, right? right??

2 coats revlon gray suede stamped with mash plate 37 (with sinful snow me white and sally hansen xtreme wear mint sorbet)

and the owl is also mash plate 37. . . . isn't he cute?

well, i didn't exactly follow the prompt for the challenge, but i love how this came out anyway. you gotta stay true to what you like, you know? and i really like leaf patterns (just look at my blog header) and pale green. so i call this a win.


  1. I am SO not a fan of animal print either-glad I'm not the only one-I do like what you did here-very cool!


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