gray suede shoes

i wish this polish were called gray suede shoes. but no, just gray suede . boring (sigh). also, shouldn't it be "grey" instead of "gray"? grey with an e looks better with the word "suede," don't you think?

2 coats revlon gray suede

this is one of the oldest polishes in my stash. it comes from the limited edition revlon daydreamer collection from 2010. see, i snapped this up when i saw it at the drugstore, because i i thought it was *limited edition*. but guess what, it's part of the core line of revlon polishes now. i could've waited and bought it on sale (with a coupon). ah, well. i think i've gotten my money's worth, though, because i've used half the bottle in the last 2 years.

gray suede has a slight silver-y shimmer to it, which you can see in the bottle, but not much on the nail. but that's ok, i think it's a very flattering color on its own. it's a polish that doesn't need any hidden shimmer to be pretty :).

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