polish purchases: august edition

yes, i somehow still managed to buy a bunch of polish this month, even though i had a baby. i'm both proud and ashamed of myself at the same time. to be fair, i bought all but one item before the baby was born, so there's that.

orly preamp, sally hansen xtreme wear pink-grape fruit, pure ice never satisfied, pure ice over you

beautiful scratchers plate h20

pure ice never satisfied and over you ($2.00 each)- i'm not sure if these are from a limited-edition pure ice collection or not (it's so hard to tell with pure ice), but they were sparkly and $2, so i had to have it! enough said.

sally hansen xtreme wear pink-grape fruit ($2.49)- uhhh, not sure why there's a hyphen in pink-grape fruit. actually, the whole name just confuses me. why not just pink grapefruit? oh well, it's still a pretty polish. this is the only one i bought post-baby. i ran to target to pick up nursing bras and diapers (glamorous, i know), and as a consolation prize for the loss of my youth and freedom, i snatched up this polish near the check-out. it helped. a little.

orly preamp ($6.95)- i've been eying this polish for a while, but never bit the bullet until this month. just like pink-grape fruit, it contains gorgeous pink shimmer, which is the only reason i bought it. i'm really not a pink person by any stretch of the imagination, but this shimmer lured me in. we'll see how i feel about it when i actually wear it.

beautiful scratchers plate h20 ($7)- you know how i've been obsessing over the gold seashell nail jewelry from nail swag? well, i haven't been able to find them anywhere, so i had the genius idea to use a shell stamp instead. smart, right? instead of expensive nail jewelry that will probably fall off and be lost forever, why not use a reusable stamp that can be done in a million different colors? i scoured the internet and finally found what i wanted at a site called beautiful scratchers. they have a lot of fauxnad and other knock-off plates, as well as plates i've never seen before (like plate h20). plus, they have free shipping!


amazing that i managed to spend this much and have my first child in the same month, huh? i must be nuts.

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