coral reef

this polish was screaming "use me!!" it's just perfect for spring :P.

1 coat sally hansen xtreme wear coral reef

most color-accurate

i only used one coat of coral reef, but now looking back at the pictures, i probably should've used 2. . . . whoops. i promise it didn't look that streaky in real life. just so you know, the first picture is too pink, and the second is too orange. the last one is more of a goldilocks just right :P.

have i mentioned that i love the sally hansen xtreme wear line?? just kidding, i know i have ad naseum :P. in case anyone's interested, here are the ones i've swatched so far on the blog-

don't worry, there's more to come!


  1. Replies
    1. Aw thanks, Jasmine! They're much better than when I started blogging lol.

  2. For one coat that looks awesome! I have been wanting a new coral color for spring. I think this might be the one.


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