coral dots

you know when you see an awesome manicure on another blog and think, "hey, i should try that"? and then it turns out. . . . not nearly as good. doh.

white dots: jordana white
orange shimmery dots: wet 'n wild fastdry waves of enchantment

i tried to copy this manicure, from the amazing another bottle of polish, but i'm afraid it was a minor fail. my dots are too big and too rounded. . . . i liked the angular look of hers. ah, well. my little music students still thought it was pretty nifty :P.

it's just occurred to me that i've never worn waves of enchantment as a full manicure! which is a shame, because it's beautiful. note to self: must do that soon!


  1. I really like both versions of this manicure! Yours is a little softer with the cured edges and I like it that way too! Love the colors you chose :) That wet n' wild shade is gorgeous over the coral!

    1. Aw thanks! I still like the inspiration manicure better, but oh well :P.


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