purple pizzazz sandwich

this manicure started out as just playing with polish, which ended up turning into something amazing. don't you love it when that happens?

1 coat sally hansen xtreme wear purple pizzazz + 1 coat milani hot pink + 1 coat sally hansen xtreme wear purple pizzazz

it was hard to get good pictures of these nails, because they were so shiny and murky-looking. it's not as dark in real life, though (silly purples). is this not an awesome combo?? the hot pink glitter ends up turning into the perfect red-toned purple color when purple pizzazz is layered over it. and you can still see the holo glitter, which turned into an amazing blue-ish color! swoon~.

as you can see, purple pizzazz is a dark blue-toned purple jelly with tons of tiny red-toned purple flakies. add this to the list of my favorite sally hansen xtreme wear polishes! seriously, you can't pass on this one. i believe sinful has a dupe for this (daddy's girl), which i should definitely tack on to my "the most beautiful polishes you can get for $2 or less" tab. try it for yourself! i'd bet good money that it would look gorgeous over a royal blue too, although i haven't tried that yet. does anyone have any other good layering combos for this purple stunner?


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